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"The Wedding Manifesto"

Digital Wedding Planning Book For Easy Wedding Planning 

Judith Rivers-Moore, The Wedding Coach brings you wedding humor and insight with the  "Wedding Manifesto" digital wedding planning book ... and offers it free.   She backs this book with thirty-five years of wedding planning experience. 

Open the four colorful sections to print or keep in a web file and access from your Mobile Phone, I-Pad or Personal Computer.

 Her book and tools lower your wedding stress and bring successful weddings and receptions to couples for every style and budget.

Be A Relaxed SUPER STAR BRIDE. The "Wedding Manifesto" book combined with the thousands of venues and services linked on  is presented in four colorful sections.  Find time saving and money saving tips plus creative timelines, helpful guidance and great resources to complete your style wedding. All this when you Sign-Up !! 

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"Best Style California Wedding & Honeymoon"  Digital Magazine

PLAN The pe​rfect wedding or honeymoon in TEN regions of California. Find Award Winning Services, Creative Ideas, Fashion Designers and 2018 Trends.

HOW Does & DIGITAL-Magazine Makes Planning Easier . . .  

The e-Magazine clicks directly to the website of involved businesses. California offers five of the nation's favorite wedding destinations and is one of the top TEN Honeymoon Regions of the world.

With hundreds of links to venues and qualified wedding services, you will shape up your wedding or honeymoon quickly.

Also... it can be read from a smartphone or I-pad.

             YOUR First GOAL

THE BASICS - Your First Goal is To Establish Your Guest List Number & Your Budget

#1. Prices vary from one area to another. Set your budget for the entire wedding and reception depending on where you host it. Divide by percentages (from our chart, so you understand what you will be spending on each service.  Often a parent or relative may want to donate toward a budget, or provide a portion. 

#2 Determine your number of guests. This is a combination number from both sets of parents and your guest list, plus yourselves and the wedding attendants. Once this number is locked in, try to keep it the same.

#3. Set your approximate date for venues. Some venues book a year or more out.

#4 Determine the style wedding you want - casual, traditional, luxury, simple, church, garden, beach, mansion, hotel, wine country, Inn or B&B, hall, restaurant banquet room, golf course, etc. You will love our for your area - because we place locations in categories and give you the number of guests.

             Your Second Goal

Is to understand your budget and approximate date of the wedding prior to shopping for dresses, venues or services. Venues are the hardest decision because dates are gone, some come with or without linens, tables, catering, they have various sized rooms, or lack of parking. You will note... Couples spend according to their personal feelings on what is important to them.

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 AS of 2017 ...

The average wedding cost in the United States is $26,645. Couples typically spend between $19,984 and $33,306. Yet, most couples spend less than $10,000. This does not include cost for a honeymoon. Understanding wedding cost now can help you with your wedding budget later.

Please understand your wedding celebration does not have to cost this figure.

Percentage COST Of 

Wedding & Reception

To  Reserve A Wedding Date With A Wedding Site and Your Wedding Vendors - BE PREPARED You Must Deposit A Portion of The FEE. 

*** Often Half The Fee.***

         Percentage Style Budget

The Wedding Venue Without Catering 30% to 40% 
The Venue+Catering+Rentals 40% to 60% - different priced menus

 Outside Catering 20% to 25%- various menus

 Clothing 8% - dress, tux or suits

Florist 5% to 15% - bid or various packages

Cakes or desserts 5% - often priced on per-slice basis.

Party Rentals & Linens 5% to 10% - individual items, tables, chairs, tents

Photographer 5% to 7% - various packages

 Video 5% - various packages

Wedding Officiant 2% - various packages

Extras/ gifts, beauty, tax/tips 5%

Alcohol 7%

 Invitations 2% to 4%

(Understand this budget has not included: a wedding planner or honeymoon). 

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